Wade Phillips wants a gig, consulting HS teams on Zoom

Wade Phillips, like the rest of us, has been watching NFL games from the confines of his own home so far this season. While he’s helped consult with high-school and college teams on Zoom, Phillips still has interest in coaching in the NFL again.

“I feel like I could help somebody,” Wade Phillips said, the Buffalo News. “That’s the only thing. But they’ve got to feel that way, too. But there’ll be some teams that don’t do as well. Whether they’ll consider me to help, I don’t know that. So, we’ll have to wait and see.”

Prior to the 2020 season, Phillips had spent 45 years coaching (39 consecutive years in the NFL). Back in 2017, Phillips was hired by the Los Angeles Rams to be their new defensive coordinator under new head coach, Sean McVay.

It was smooth sailing for Phillips and the Rams in their first two seasons, advancing to a Super Bowl in 2018. However, Los Angeles would fail to make the playoffs in 2019, causing the organization to make some changes to the coaching staff — including them parting ways with Phillips.

Throughout his legendary career, Phillips has typically helped whichever team he was employed by put together a formidable defense. Before the Rams, Phillips boasted some of the best defenses with the Denver Broncos and the Houston Texans.

Even though Phillips is 73 years old, he still has an itch to be on the sidelines again and he believes he can help contribute. With that being said, it continues to be seen if an NFL team feels the same way as Phillips.

“I’ve got the NFL Sunday Ticket, on DirecTV, so sometimes I can see six and eight games at a time,” Phillips said. “Sometimes, I flip over to the Red Zone. Sometimes, I stay on the game I would like to watch more of. Or, if it’s coming down close to halftime or something like that and I want to see a certain game, I’ll watch that. But mostly, I flip around.”

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