Top 6 Business Branding Services In 2020

Christel Deskins

Creating your own brand while starting a business is a crucial step. The right type will help you be more in tune with your customers and the target market. However, creating one for your company is easier said than done, and you may end up spending hundreds of dollars with […]

Creating your own brand while starting a business is a crucial step. The right type will help you be more in tune with your customers and the target market. However, creating one for your company is easier said than done, and you may end up spending hundreds of dollars with no discernible growth on your company’s customer base.

We have listed here some of the best branding services you can find online that will help you be a household name in the industry of your choice:

1. NewGlue

NewGlue NewGlue Photo:

Usually, crafting a brand requires you to sit down with a professional agency in order to make one that will resonate with your customers. Problem is, this process can be quite expensive and time-consuming. Well, no more, as NewGlue is here to put your brand management on auto-pilot so you can focus on what matters: running your business.

Acting as an automated creative agency, NewGlue works by sourcing the best designers to create your brand, all while making sure it fits your company’s social media, website, branded content, and even merchandise. And by doing so, you’re also helping support various designers from all over the world that need opportunities, making it a two-way street to success.

2. Weblium 

Weblium Weblium Photo:

Do you own a startup and need help in creating a website that will reflect your branding and the services you offer? If so, then consider going to Weblium for some professional help. Operating as an innovative and intuitive AI-powered site builder, Weblium helps you create your own website from scratch with neither coding nor previous experience required.

And with over 250+ templates to choose from, you are sure to find one that suits your liking, and customize it further from there. Additionally, Weblium also offers features like marketing tools, in-built integrations, site styles manager, image library access, and 24/7 support.

3. Tailor Brands

TailorBrands TailorBrands Photo:

Need a logo for your business that your customers will be able to identify you with? If so, then Tailor Brands is here to gladly help you with it. As the world’s first AI-powered logo design and branding platform, Tailor Brands has already managed to help millions of customers from all over the world by providing them with a logo that kickstarted their ventures, and its next customer can be you.

To do this, Tailor Brands’ AI platform helps you create a simple but effective logo from scratch in minutes. This way, you’ll be able to look professional quickly and start growing your business asap.

4. Linking News

Linkingnews Linkingnews Photo:

Have a press release for your company and need it to reach more people? Or perhaps you simply want to spread more word about your services? If so, then consider taking advantage of Linking News and its expertise in the field. Used by thousands of Marketing, SEO, and PR agencies all over the world, Linking News is essentially an online press release distribution service that will help you get your news published in major news outlets without stealing any of the limelight from you.

With the strongest network in the industry, Linking News guarantees that your release gets on top tier news outlets, helping your business thrive in the long run in the process.

5. MotoCMS 

Motocms MotoCMS Photo:

These days, creating your own website is a must for new businesses that are looking to make a name for themselves in their respective fields. Thankfully, MotoCMS can help you with that by giving you an easy but powerful site builder that you can easily customize and fit to your company’s brand and liking. Best of all, no coding or other complex processes are needed, as MotoCMS will let you create a website with something as simple as dragging and dropping segments and sections.

Each website is also optimized for mobile viewing right out of the box, and features advanced eCommerce functionality, SEO setting and optimization tools, and plugins that will all work together to make your website as streamlined as possible.

6. BrightLocal 

BrightLocal BrightLocal Photo:

Built by and for local search experts, Brightlocal is made to help every individual marketer out there promote their local business in better ways. Operating as an all-in-one marketing platform, BrightLocal specializes in boosting local rankings, increasing your online visibility, building citations, developing an amazing online reputation, and many more.

Additionally, BrightLocal also stays on top of the ever-changing marketing sphere to ensure its services are always up to par. So whether you’re a starting business looking to find the right footing, or a seasoned one looking for new ways to expand, BrightLocal will ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

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