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Raven Connelly (Chua)

Raven Connelly (Chua)
Raven Connelly (Chua)
Raven Connelly (Chua)

London, United Kingdom, Oct. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Raven Connelly Chua, who is better known as the founder of Investing Champions, found himself in a financial limbo at a young age but somehow worked through it to achieve financial independence at the age of 25. His secret to success? Trading and investing in stocks and forex markets. His trading etiquette is ideal and simple. Raven never gives up hope and always remains a student of the game.

About Raven Connelly Chua:

Like most people, Raven had a conservative upbringing where it was not really easy for him to invest his time and effort in creative and unconventional aspects of life. Hailing from a conservative family background meant that while growing up, his parents expected him to either become a doctor or a lawyer.

However, Raven failed to feel a connection to either one of those prospects. He wanted to pursue something that enabled him to help the society without having to sacrifice his lifestyle to aid that.

As a child, Raven had always felt like he was an unwanted child. He suffered from severe self-esteem issues. But all thanks to his early mentor’s encouragement, it is that fire that encouraged him to study harder than ever, to have a chance of having a better future.

Raven managed to achieve good grades and went to Imperial College, one of the top universities in the world. But even after that Raven found himself working paycheque to paycheque. It was not the case that he did not work hard enough but because he had no time for anything other than work: no time for family, no quality time to build or nurture any relationships with people he truly cares about. Then the rug was pulled from underneath his feet when one of his family members passed away due to illness. That truly got to him and he became depressed as he never got to spend time with her. His life hit rock bottom. 

Raven realized he needed to do something radical to be different. 

Fast forward, Raven was introduced into the financial markets where he had accumulated his fortune from. He tracked down some of the world’s greatest traders and investors and persuaded them to mentor him one to one. 

Pulling his wits together, he started to apply everything he had learned. A few years later, Raven became a multimillionaire.

Standing where he is now, Raven realized that it was all worth it. His motto in life is simple. Never give up. But Raven Connelly now has a mission in his life. 

Raven remembers how the education system failed to accommodate him by failing to teach him what he wanted to learn. His goal is to usher in a change in the education industry. Raven is dedicated to demonstrating to people that life should not be restricted to working 9-5. Raven is devoted to assisting 17 people to make more money through the financial markets than their full-time job or business every year. Raven hand-picks and selects his clients himself

“If you are feeling you’re at a rock bottom, life seems stuck and getting nowhere. Keep going! Because the only way to go through hell is to keep going! I assure you there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Invest in yourself! Find people that inspire you and learn from them ” Raven Connelly shares with us some words of wisdom.

Raven Connelly Chua is on Facebook. You can follow him there to get to know him on a personal up-close level. 

You can find out more about his venture Investing Champions on his website. 

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