Opinion/Letter: Cathy Stacey does a great job running the Rockingham County Registry of Deeds – Opinion – seacoastonline.com

Oct. 9 — To The Editor:

Please join me in support of Cathy Stacey for Rockingham County Register of Deeds on Nov. 3. It is well known that Cathy runs the most technically advanced and user- friendly registry in the state. Cathy and her staff are always available to assist the public in a professional and courteous fashion. Cathy has been successful in reducing her budget while maintaining the highest quality of service to the public. Having personally started my career at the Rockingham Registry, having had numerous dealings over the years, and being married to a real estate attorney, I can attest to the fact that Rockingham County is the best run registry in New Hampshire.

I believe Cathy Stacey is the most qualified candidate for this position. Her qualifications include preparation and oversight of a multimillion-dollar budget, supervising up to 24 staff, developing and implementing significant technological advances to aid the public in easy access to land records and most importantly offering 100% of her index and images dating back to 1629 free on-line to the public. Cathy is a licensed New Hampshire attorney and is the incumbent. Cathy is thought to be an efficiency and technical expert on registry of deeds operations and has been asked to consult on the systems upgrade of numerous Registries.

Cathy is a hands-on register who will be found in the office assisting members of the public to find information they seek. As a result of COVID-19 customer service has not been reduced but improved with the changing times. She and staff spend significant time assisting the public via telephone on how to access and search the website. Through her efforts to increase the use of electronic filing of documents, closing costs have been reduced and public safety increased.

The Registry needs a knowledgeable, qualified and dedicated person and that person is Cathy Stacey. Please vote on Nov. 3 for Cathy Stacey for Rockingham County Register of Deeds. She is the best person for the job.

Vanessa Swasey