Non-profit reaches young voters through dating apps | Arizona News

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – A non-profit found a new way to get young people to cast their ballots.

NextGen Arizona said it’s using dating apps to connect with people.

Employees, like Kait Spielmaker, were hard at work Monday, the deadline for people in Arizona registering to vote.

Arizona’s Election Authority has put together a list of frequently asked questions about voting in the 2020 election in Arizona.

NextGen matches with people on dating apps, starts conversations and shows them how they can register to vote.

“When we register voters, it’s completely non-partisan, so we don’t push a certain political party,” said Spielmaker. “We register people, regardless of party affiliation or anything.”

They use Hinge, Tinder and Bumble.

Spielmaker focuses her time on Bumble, dedicated to making friends in the section called Bumble BFF.

“How Bumble works is everybody has to swipe on each other, so if somebody reads my bio, and they don’t like it, or they don’t like what I have to say, they don’t have to swipe on me,” said Spielmaker.

Her Bumble bio identifies her as a NextGen employee.

Since August, NextGen Arizona says it’s gotten about 7,000 people in our state registered to vote through dating apps.

“It’s kind of just reaching people where they’re at,” said Spielmaker. “With everything being virtual in the wake of COVID-19, we have to find ways to reach people other than in-person.”

Spielmaker also answers questions on the apps related to voting.

“Typically someone will reach out to me, or I’ll reach out to them, and they’ll say, ‘Hey, I love your bio. I want to be a part of getting people mobilized to vote in Arizona,’ or ‘Hey, I just registered to vote, when should I expect my ballot?’ or I’ll reach out to someone and be like ‘Hey, I see that you just moved here. Are you planning on voting here in Arizona? Did you know the deadline is October 5?” said Spielmaker.

She feels like she’s making a difference.

“Your single vote, even though it might not seem like a lot, it really does do something and help bring awareness to these issues and facilitate change, and it is really important so I definitely have broken through to a lot of people,” said Spielmaker.


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