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Impact Wrestling Report – Heath Blows His Impact Contract Negotiation

Christel Deskins

In part one of Bleeding Cool’s Impact Wrestling report, Rosemary gets her affairs in order, Johnny Swinger teams with a young boy, Heath blows a negotiation, and The Motor City Machine Guns prove they’re willing to cheat to win. Welcome to Bleeding Cool’s weekly Impact Wrestling report. We watch wrestling, […]

In part one of Bleeding Cool’s Impact Wrestling report, Rosemary gets her affairs in order, Johnny Swinger teams with a young boy, Heath blows a negotiation, and The Motor City Machine Guns prove they’re willing to cheat to win. Welcome to Bleeding Cool’s weekly Impact Wrestling report. We watch wrestling, so you don’t have to!

The official logo of Impact Wrestling.
The official logo of Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling Report for October 6th, 2020 Part 2

Jimmy Jacobs talks to Rich Swann’s doctor at a rehab gym in Orlando as Swann works out in the background. The doc says Swann is ready to wrestle now. Jacobs talks to Swann, who says he’s feeling better than ever. Not for long, as Eric Young runs up out of nowhere and assaults him. He ties Swan’s leg to a weight bench and then hits it with a dumbbell.

Impact takes a commercial break, during which Melissa Santos reminisces about her career and what it was like to be at live shows with fans. Then Gia Miller talks to the Motor City Machine guns, who agree after that Rich Swann’s attack that Impact is even more dangerous than Detroit. Then they cut a promo on Ace Austin and Madman Fulton, but The Good Brothers interrupt. They say they’ve been there, done that with Austin and Fulton. Alex Shelley tells them to shut up. The Machine Guns are the champs, so they’re the better tag team. Big LG says there’s a target on their backs, the Good Brothers are gonna put a bullet through it, and they’ll take the championships. But tonight, the Good Brothers will be at ringside to have the Machine Guns’ backs and make sure there’s no funny business.

Rosemary crawls to the ring to her Costco brand Marilyn Manson theme. Taya Valkyrie comes out. Then Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan come to the ring.

Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan vs. Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie

  • Hogan and Steelz were messing with Johnny Bravo, trying to get him to stand up to Rosemary and insinuate themselves into the wedding. Rosemary and Taya were distracted for a couple of weeks, but now they’re dealing with it.
  • Taya and Rosemary dominate the match until Steelz and Hogan manage to cheat and gain the upper hand. From there, Rosemary gets beat up until she makes the hot tag to Taya.
  • Hey… there’s no commentary again! Back to being the best Impact ever! I don’t really notice that commentary is gone until I realize how much more interested I am in the match than when it’s there.
  • After Taya’s hot tag, there’s some brief chaos with all four women.
  • Rosemary gets the win with a double underhook suplex.

Good match. Best one tonight, so far. Havok and Neveah are seen watching the victory celebration on a monitor backstage. Impact takes a commercial break where Melissa Santos wants to know if other people think the women “bring the fire” more than the men. It’s very often true, in my opinion. Impact’s Knockouts division is ridiculously stacked. It’s also often true in WWE.

The Deaners come out. Johnny Swinger and his young boy, Crazzy Steve, come out. God damn it. Commentary is back.

Johnny Swinger and Crazzy Steve vs. The Deaners

  • So I have this rule that I refuse to recap anything involving The Deaners. I see Deaners on the TV, and I’m out. It’s just how it is.
  • But on the other hand, Johnny Swinger is easily the best thing about Impact, maybe the best gimmick in wrestling today. So I’m torn.
  • Steve was gonna start this match, but then The Deaners peer pressured him into feeding beer to his monkey. Swinger tags himself in because Steve isn’t taking this seriously.
  • Swinger is having luck in the ring, but Steve keeps distracting him with antics. When Swinger tries to hit a Deaner with Steve’s monkey, Steve stops him, and Swinger ends up getting pinned.

Josh Matthews, punishing us for getting a break from listening to him, plays us a recap video of Deonna Purrazzo breaking Susie’s arm at Victory Road. Gia Miller asks Kylie Rae backstage about what she just saw. Kylie remembers it vividly from the first time she witnessed it live. She says Susie has been nothing but nice, and it wasn’t okay what they did. Kimber Lee shows up to mock Kylie. She says Kylie was seeing her own feet when Deonna breaks her arm at Bound for Glory. Lee says Kylie doesn’t know Su-sie all that well either because Susie is bad. Kylie attacks her, then immediately feels guilty about it. Impact goes to commercials.

Scott D’Amore has a meeting with Heath. D’Amore was really impressed with everything Heath has done, and he thinks he’ll be a good fit for Impact. Heath thanks D’Amore for the meeting and the opportunity. D’Amore says they’re on the same page and want the same thing: to establish a relationship they can grow. D’Amore has a contract… but Heath brought his own. He pulls out a folder that he worked on with his agent, his wife, and his kids.  The contract is really long and is for a lot of money. D’Amore balks. He says he’s gonna need to change a lot of the contract. Heath is a great talent, but his past isn’t that impressive. Heath needs to do something before he gets the big payday. Heath brings up all the money he’s spent on commercials on Impact and suggest D’Amore look at it again. D’Amore says, “it’s not like you won an Olympic gold medal.” He says Heath has earned the money in the contract D’Amore has, not the one Heath has.  Heath says he may not have won a gold medal, but he never was a Sunday morning jobber. D’Amore says he was a jobber on Mondays. They argue, and D’Amore throws Heath’s contract and leaves.

Rhino is waiting outside for Heath. Heath tells him it didn’t go well. He says when he was “on Raw last time with McIntyre,” he nailed it. But what did that get him? He yells at Rhino for getting him psyched up for Impact and walks off.

Ec3 is in what I think is the parking lot of Impact with the TNA Championship. He talks about how Moose has to break his attachment to the legacy of the TNA Championship, then drops the belt onto some grass. He gets up close to the camera and says, “free Moose.” Impact takes a commercial break.

Sami Callahan talks to a brooding Ken Shamrock backstage. Shamrock says Eddie Edwards didn’t deserve what Shamrock did to him last week. Sami says Shamrock got 45 million likes and retweets from that. He’s on his way back to being the old Ken Shamrock, and people love it. He shoves Shamrock and asks who is next. Shamrock starts yelling. Sami directs him at an intern passing by, and Shamrock beats the guy’s ass.

Josh Matthews tries to claim that Ec3 threw the TNA Championship off a bridge before the break, even though there were clearly two large trees right next to where he dropped the belt, and he clearly gingerly dropped it onto the grass. You were so much better when we couldn’t hear you, Matthews! Ace Austin and MadMan Fulton come to the ring. Then the Motor City Machine Guns do. Then Impact takes another commercial break, and then finally, the main event begins.

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

  • Wait, I thought the Good Brothers were gonna be at ringside to keep things fair.
  • For the early part of the match, the Machine Guns work over Ace Austin while Madman Fulton gets progressively angrier in the corner.
  • When Fulton does get the tag, he takes out all his rage on Alex Shelley.
  • Shelley gets double-teamed and beat down until he gets the tag to Chris Sabin.
  • 4-man chaos soon ensues. In that chaos, the Machine Guns are able to double-team Fulton and chokeslam him, but Austin breaks up the pin. They hit some of their signature offense on Austin and look to finish it.
  • But Fulton reverse a double suplex into one of his own.
  • That’s when the North comes down with a chair, which the referee takes from them and conveniently throws down in the ring.
  • The Good Brothers now come out and brawl with the North outside. During the Brawl, Big LG manages to punch Fulton when the ref isn’t looking.
  • Chris Sabin hits an assisted crossbody for the win.

The Final Word on Impact for October 6th, 2020

Good ending, and good second hour in general–Impact would have lost a few points in my book due to featuring several Victory Road rematches (what is this, WWE?!). However, the audio glitch that eliminated commentary for half the show elevated it to one of the best Impacts ever. Wrestling shows really ought to give you the option to turn off the commentary.

If you enjoyed Bleeding Cool’s Impact Wrestling report, check back tomorrow, and we’ll have reports on both NXT and AEW Dynamite. And by we, I mean me. That’s right; I will recap four hours of wrestling in one night and have it ready for you by morning. So how can you not give me some clicks for that?!

This post is part of a multi-part series: Impact Wrestling Report for October 6th, 2020.

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