Google’s next smart speaker has been in the works for a while now — we even have it on video. A teardown of the latest Google Home app has revealed one more new detail about the upcoming replacement for the original Google Home — and it’s another step in the plan of moving Google Home products under Nest’s wing.

According to an updated string in version 2.28 of the Google Home app, the speaker will likely come with Nest Audio branding. Previously, the string called the device the Nest Speaker, but it looks like Nest Audio is the name Google has settled on — our own source confirms this branding.

Google has always had trouble picking out memorable branding and sticking with it, but Nest might be more well-known in the smart home category of products. And privacy-minded individuals might not want something with the big G’s name on it listening to them.

This new information helps complete the picture of Google’s new smart speaker. Pricing details leaked out last month, indicating that this device will cost roughly $120 — about the same as the original Google Home when it debuted in 2016. Google has already pulled the OG model from the shelves of its Store, so it’s almost certain that we’ll see the new Nest Audio speaker unveiled at Google’s event on September 30.