Easy ways to save for the future (Peace out, 2020!)

There are a lot of reasons to save your money. You need money to retire one day, your car isn’t going to last forever, and you might be ready to buy your first (or fourth) house. Whatever reason you’re coming up with, I’d bet it’s important to you. Saving money isn’t always easy (especially when you’re first starting out after college), but if you have a savings goal, here are some tips for helping you get there…

Take advantage of opportunities: If your company has a 401(k) matching program, that, my friends, is an opportunity. Whatever the maximum match amount is, I’d suggest you max that bad boy out. I mean it’s literally free money. It’s a benefit that you’re basically saying “nah I’m good” to if you don’t max it out. And if you’re just starting out in your career, you won’t miss the half that you’re contributing at all. Don’t even think about this one. Just do it.

Hide it from your checking account: Another simple idea for beefing up a savings account is to send a portion of your direct deposit directly into your savings account. Even something as small as 10% will add up fast, especially if you don’t check the balance every week. Again, once you get used to the 90% that’s going into your checking account, you won’t really miss that 10% that you’re choosing to save.

Dream about the future: 2020 has definitely overstayed it’s welcome. It’s the Cousin Eddie of years. But, the good news is, Christmas is right around the corner. And if I’ve learned anything from experience, once New Years gets here, it’s basically summer before you know it. Even though you may feel a little like a prisoner inside your own house right now, it’s okay to dream about a 2021 vacation destination. Whether you’re saving that vacation fund in a separate savings account or a good ol’ mason jar, having a location in mind is a great way to stay inspired when it comes to saving money.