Council to get update on city’s branding | Local News Stories

Ontario City Council’s agenda for Thursday’s work session includes a presentation from Trademark, the company responsible for the city’s new logo and rebranding initiative.

Ontario City Assistant to the City Manager and HR Manager Peter Hall, explained more in an email message on Monday morning.

“Trademark’s presentation on Thursday will highlight the final product of their branding design. Since the last presentation, they have fine-tuned the logo and associated branding content to match feedback from the Council and community. This includes logo colors and the date used,” wrote Hall.

He said that residents of Ontario will start to see the branding changes happening “over the next year.” Hall said that the most immediate changes that residents will be seeing will happen digitally, namely the city’s website, social media pages and media content.

“The most significant changes will take place with the wayfinding project, another topic which Trademark will touch on this Thursday. The City Council has budgeted funds for the project which will be leveraged by grant money. Unfortunately, the grant funds will not be awarded until next spring, which is why the rollout will be more gradual with wayfinding,” Hall wrote.

He also said that there are “many printed materials,” which include envelopes, business cards and other correspondence items that city staff use that feature the old logo. Hall explained that these materials will be used as staff does not plan on discarding anything “that can still be used.” Once the last of those materials are used, the new branding and new logo will gradually be introduced on future printed materials.