4 Tips To Help Your Business Save Money

Marcus Blanford

Having a business is great until it is time to calculate expenses and pay up existing bills. You never know how high small costs and expenses are on an individual basis. However, when added up, they can have a significant impact on the business’s cash flow. You will need to […]

What are the Impacts of Business in the Society?

Marcus Blanford

What impact does the business have on society other than making a profit? What other role does the business play, knowing well there would be no products, no service, and no profit, without people in the society? Also taking into consideration the negatives created and dumped in society as a […]

6 Best Office Chairs in 2021

Marcus Blanford

The topic of office chairs may seem a trivial one, and it is quite understandable. Who takes time to think about the kind of chairs they use really? It is not something many people pay much mind to. Other office equipment like computers tend to enjoy more attention than, say, […]

Tips and ideas on how to have a safe office

Marcus Blanford

Many benefits come with having a safe office. With a safe office, it will be easier and more comfortable for your employees to come to work. Your employees will also be healthier due to safe office conditions. The implication is that you won’t need to be worried about your employees […]

5 Reasons Your Online Shop Needs a Blog

Marcus Blanford

The primary objective of online shop owners is to drive traffic to their shop. With the increased flow of traffic, there is a high potential for increased sales. Thus, the need to apply several online marketing techniques that will increase traffic to their online stores. The use of social media […]

How investors are done their trading?

Marcus Blanford

It is one of the fundamental activities of every investor or for the services of investments. The process involved in it is, buying, selling, or exchanging the capitals. Basically, in investment markets, business people trade shares, commodities, currencies, and derivatives. Business people trade their shares while at the stock exchange. […]

AT&T Inc. (T) Stock Fluctuation With The Pandemic

Marcus Blanford

With the stocks of the U.S. Telecom companies mainly married with the benchmark along trended with the surging coronavirus cases, there is a higher expectation. All the companies have been looking for increasing the turnaround with an increase in the economy after the pandemic attack. With the higher strings on […]

Michelle P. Scott

Christel Deskins

  Michelle Scott has practiced tax law at private firms in New York and Washington, DC.  She has extensive legal and management experience in governance, nonprofit law, and government relations, having served as general counsel of FAIR Health, Inc., vice president and general counsel of the National Audubon Society, and […]