Adept Marketing Launches Upright, the First Trust-Focused Public Relations Agency

Adept Marketing, one of central Ohio’s top digital marketing agencies, is proud to announce the launch of Upright, the first public relations agency dedicated to maximizing trust: the currency of the next decade. Trust impacts the entire consumer journey. Upright strategically targets each stage through a proprietary mix of traditional public relations, digital public relations and digital marketing channels.

“During the last decade, brands built responsive websites, placed content on social media, and ‘related to the public’ to acquire customers. That’s all well and good. But the way people make buying decisions has changed, and most brands haven’t changed with it,” said Justin Spring, co-founder of Upright and Adept Marketing. “Satisfying a customer isn’t enough to earn loyalty and growth. People need trust signals that validate their buying decisions. Without these signals, a brand can’t compete.”

Most public relations agencies focus on storytelling. Upright focuses on building trust above all else, and with good reason. Technology has empowered every person to have a voice of authority, and we are seeing a decline of trust in institutions. If brands don’t proactively engage in establishing trust signals that provide validation, they will lose customer loyalty and market share.

“For almost thirteen years, Adept Marketing has helped clients across various industries achieve quantifiable growth. But there is a ceiling that digital marketing alone cannot break,” said Danielle Walton, co-founder of Upright and Adept Marketing. “Upright breaks through the ceiling by building trust with anyone who encounters your brand.”

Kristyn Wilson, a communications executive with two decades of public relations experience, is leading Upright as vice president of public relations and communications. She previously represented central Ohio companies NetJets, Abbott Nutrition, and Resource (now IBMiX).

“Kristyn is a rare find in public relations. She wants to generate outstanding success for clients and advance the public relations industry, so it’s seated at the forefront of business growth,” said Walton. “She’s already making a huge impact on our clients’ business, even during the global pandemic.”

While Upright partners with Adept Marketing, it exists as a separate company, allowing clients to work with one or both agencies as needed. However, when both agencies are engaged, cross-collaboration is streamlined and seamless, offering singular points of contact and rapid delivery. Recently, United Way of Central Ohio, an existing Adept Marketing client, signed Upright to support its trust-building efforts.

“Modern public relations is about more than meaningful engagement. It’s about having a voice at every stage of the consumer journey. By layering influence-building public relations with targeted digital marketing strategies, we are revealing the validation people seek to trust a brand,” said Wilson. “It’s not about giving unscrupulous companies a good reputation. It’s about lifting upright companies to the trust they deserve.”

Upright shares office space with Adept Marketing, located in the new White Castle headquarters in Columbus. Executives from Adept Marketing liaise between companies, and both are currently hiring. For more information, visit

About Upright: Upright is the first public relations agency dedicated to building trust. Trust impacts the consumer journey at every stage. We strategically target each stage through a proprietary mix of traditional public relations, digital public relations and digital marketing channels. Upright is the sister agency of Adept Marketing, an established, award-winning digital marketing agency focused on achieving brand growth. Upright is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

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