Tips to Save Money for Your Baby’s Future

We’ve partnered with the life insurance agency Haven Life to bring you seven straightforward tips to help you save money for your growing family.

Getting ready to have a baby involves a lot more than doctors’ appointments, birth plans, and setting up the nursery — it also requires new parents to take a careful look at their finances.

While it might be hard to imagine your little one heading off to college when they’re still a bean in your belly, that time will come around sooner than you expect. And in the meantime, you’ll face lots of other new costs along the way, from diapers and daycare to school lunches and field trips.

Raising a child in the United States costs $233,610, according to 2020 data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Even though that figure might initially induce some serious sticker shock, a bit of financial planning can set

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50 ways to save money including best apps and tips from experts

IT’S always a good idea to save, whether it’s for a holiday or just for a rainy day – and now we can reveal the best ways to put your hard-earned money away.

With the help of some money-saving pros, we’ve come up with 50 very easy ways to help you make your money go further.


From the best budgeting apps, to the simple things you can do to save a few pounds here and there, there are plenty of ways to save a bit of cash whatever your circumstances.

Some of the tips are thriftier than others but all are useful ideas that you can slot into your routine without much effort.

You could even save hundreds of pounds using some of the pointers, and we’ve also included a few ways to make a bit of cash on the side too.

It’s always a good idea to have

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Find a cheap way to send money abroad with the best rates 2020

People send money internationally every da,y, but not everyone realizes that they are being exploited. Typically, international money transfer is supposed to be efficient because you can quickly send money to any country at any time of the day or night. In the past, cross-border money transfer was not an easy task, but thanks to technology, you only need to raise a finger for your money to send money.

With such laxity comes a cost in the international money transfer space. To benefit from your transfers, there are certain factors that you will need to take into consideration. Remember that there are so many ways of sending money, but you don’t want to send money using a service that can lose your money.

Making payments

Wire transfer is the order of the day in this century, and money apps are coming up from every corner. Even banks these days have

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Financial planners say their clients share 4 major money regrets

Personal Finance Insider writes about products, strategies, and tips to help you make smart decisions with your money. We may receive a small commission from our partners, like American Express, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.

  • I talked to three financial planners and asked them what their clients say they wish they’d done with their money when they were younger. 
  • One financial planner said his clients wish that they’d started investing and saving for retirement sooner, since starting early often means a larger balance later.
  • Another financial planner finds that his clients regret spending or taking on debt for status symbols, like luxury cars.
  • Two financial planners say their clients wish they’d spent more on things they enjoy, like travel or family and friends, instead of being so aggressive about saving.
  • Want to learn more about financial planners? Get Personal Finance Insider’s “Guide to Financial Planners”
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How to Save Money on Fashionable Labels

By Courtney Jespersen

Nowadays, it’s not just celebrities who wear high-end clothing and accessories. The influencers filling your social media feed likely wear them, too.

Millennials love buying luxury names, according to Thomai Serdari, academic director of the Fashion & Luxury MBA at NYU Stern School of Business and brand strategist at Brand(x)Lux.

Some younger people are environmentally or socially conscious and invest in higher-end labels, buying one quality item that lasts for years or spending more money for a brand with a mission they believe in. Others simply want to treat themselves to a premium handbag, watch or pair of shoes every once in a while.

>> Plus, from Robert Powell’s Retirement Daily on TheStreet: Three Tips for Buying a Used Car

“They like to be seen and they like to be photographed on Instagram carrying all the big names,” Serdari says. “Chanel, Louis Vuitton  (LVMUY) ,

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Greenlight, Maker of Money Management App for Kids, Raises $215 Million | Investing News

OAKLAND, Calif. (Reuters) – Greenlight Financial Technology Inc, whose products include an app for parents to help teach financial responsibility to kids, said on Thursday it raised $215 million in its latest funding round, valuing the company at $1.2 billion.

The funding was led by Canapi Ventures and TTV Capital.

Financial technology, already a hot investment category in recent years, has gained traction during the coronavirus pandemic with retail moving online and consumers seeking options for contactless payment.

The Atlanta-based startup launched its first product in January 2017 and in the last year the number of parents and children using the Greenlight app quadrupled to 2 million, according to Tim Sheehan, chief executive and co-founder. The valuation grew five times in 10 months as well.

Greenlight’s main product is a debit card for kids and teens linked to the app that parents and kids can manage on their smartphones.


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New restaurant in Naples provides second chances, raises money for nonprofit


A new restaurant is opening its doors in Naples, but this one is unlike most others.

Every dollar, every dime spent at Lulu’s Kitchen gets sent straight to St. Matthew’s House. Something as simple as buying a burger actually raises money for a community food pantry or homeless shelter.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to give them a try, perhaps the people behind the food might.

Jillian Rosenstein looks and sounds like most restaurant managers. Unlike most though, she beat drug addiction.

“It’s never too late to transform, it’s never too late to start over,” she said.

She was only in college — Ivy League at Cornell University — when her addiction to Adderall took over. She lost a lot: Herself, her self-esteem, her relationships.

St. Matthew’s House turned her life around.

“It’s a place that really saved my life and gave me a new shot

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Adam Liaw’s three basic kitchen tips to help save time, effort and money


Efficiency in the kitchen is all about saving energy. And by that I mean all kinds of energy. Your physical and mental energy, as well as the gas and electricity you use to cook.

Thankfully, these things often go hand in hand. The steps we can take in the kitchen to make our lives easier are often good for our energy consumption, too.

Here are three very basic things that can help you save energy of every stripe.

Clean your oven door

A lot of effort is expended in the kitchen unnecessarily. We push food from one side of a pan to the other and achieve very little in the process. We stir food unnecessarily, or stand guard over pans trying to busy ourselves when nothing really needs to be done. 

The big one, however, has to be checking on things in the oven. I get it, the

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5 ways I tried that make saving money easier every month – Mothership.SG

In another decade, I look forward to buying a 3-room HDB flat to call my own.

With that long-term goal in my mind, I feel motivated to save up for my dream home.

At the same time, I want to ensure that I have sufficient money saved in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as medical emergencies or accidents.

Having an emergency fund is also important, especially during uncertain times, such as the current economic situation.

According to a survey by Straits Times conducted this year, 70 per cent of working Singaporeans and Permanent Residents do not have enough savings to live off more than six months if they are laid off.

Keeping this in mind, I always ensure that I have money saved for a rainy day.

Here are five ways that have helped me save money without having to ‘restrict’ myself too much.

1) Start small with the 50-30-20

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Woman shares ‘brilliant’ Morrisons Christmas money saving tip others are trying

When it comes to Christmas, many of us find ourselves strapped for cash and after it, a huge bill by the end of it.

With a tough year starting to be laid behind us and quite a few of us out of work, the thought of Christmas put dread in our wallets.

And in order to make the sting of Christmas less painful, many people have decided to come up with their own ways of saving cash throughout the year.

Whether or not it is adding an extra penny to a tin or putting just £5 in a pot each month, it all adds up and you could be surprised about how much you save.

And one woman has shared her “brilliant” tip of how she has managed to save money for Christmas including her food shop at Morrisons and even more.

The poster, who did not wish to be

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