A Playbook For Marketing To Latino Millennials

If you’ve conducted any market research in the past few years, you know that Latinos are a  demographic you cannot afford to ignore. 

They’re not only the second-largest ethnic group in the U.S., they’re also younger than other ethnic groups with a median age of just 30, according to the Pew Research Center. Any brand that wants to reach Millennials or Gen Z must position themselves to appeal to Latinos—but often, American-based brands just don’t know how.  

I wanted to talk to someone who doesn’t just know the demographic but IS the demographic. Kevin Leyes is a 20-year-old Argentinian entrepreneur who’s already build a million-dollar business, along with founding two other companies. He’s also managed to continue scaling, even during the pandemic. Leyes is the founder of the urban jewelry brand, Team

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Content marketing metrics for B2B companies: From ToFu to BoFu

30-second summary:

  • Your content marketing may sound like a success story, until your CEO asks, “Is all this effort and spending really paying off?”
  • You’re doing a great job if you’re one of the 39 % of marketers who are successfully tracking the ROI of their content marketing, if not, there’s a long way to go.
  • Evaldas Mockus, Director of SEO at Omnisend helps you pick content marketing metrics that matter for your business.
  • More on Top of the Funnel (ToFu), Middle of the Funnel (MoFu), and Bottom of the Funnel (BoFu) content, and their respective goals.

You’re publishing content, traffic is picking up, your posts look amazing, and subscribers are opening your emails. It sounds like a content marketing team success story – until your CEO asks:

Is all this effort and spending really paying off?

You’re doing a great job if you’re one of the 39 % of

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Marketing is an Investment in Your Business, Not an Expense

Any business owner that feels marketing is an expense and not an investment is probably going to have a difficult time keeping the business profitable. To be successful, you need to develop a mindset that views marketing as an important investment regardless of the state of the economy or other external factors.

Marketing is not something you can turn on and off. Marketing is 24×7 and should be an integral part of your business culture. Excuses like “I’m too busy right now” or “I don’t have the budget or staff” is a recipe for disaster. What happens when your pipeline empties? How will you get your business rolling again?

Like any task that must be performed consistently, you need to figure out a way to make it a habit. We must learn to schedule time to develop your marketing campaigns. If you never put marketing high enough on your list

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Why Automotive Marketing Is Changing And How To Meet The Demand

Tom Treanor is the head of marketing at enterprise customer data (CDP) platform Arm Treasure Data, where he leads the marketing strategy.

Although automotive sales dropped earlier this year due to the pandemic, demand is on the upswing again. In fact, some consumers who previously relied on ride-sharing and public transportation are planning to buy a car sometime this year, according to a CarGurus survey, and others are looking forward to treating themselves with a new vehicle as economic activity continues to climb. The automotive industry needs to be ready to reach these new customers.

Many companies were already shifting their tactics to serve more customers online, but COVID-19 restrictions required a dramatic pivot. New data is shedding light on how and why that happened — and what senior executives need to do about it. Treasure Data teamed with Winterberry Group and Ansira to gather insights from more

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3 Ways Technology Helps You Make Money With Direct Mail Marketing

5 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

The average person is exposed to an estimated 6,000 to 10,000 advertisements per day. So it’s not surprising that we are almost ‘immune’ to their charm. 

Don’t get me wrong — this doesn’t mean they’re not effective or they don’t have their place in marketing. In fact, marketers have been able to experience a 96 percent increase in clicks with an active Facebook ad campaign.

However, there is another mode of marketing that might be even more effective. Direct mail marketing has been used for years, long before advertising online was a thing. 

Although direct mail marketing might seem to be an archaic form of marketing, it does have its perks now that technology is here to change the rules of the game. 

Technology has revolutionized everything we do including how we market our offers. Several

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Marketing Isn’t Advertising – Business 2 Community

Some people think marketing is simply commercials or ads. They consider it to be some form of paid promotion and nothing else. In their minds, marketing and advertising are the same things, interchangeable words.

We all thought blogging and social media would change all that. These new platforms were going to swoop in and save us from all of these ads. Ahh, nope.

Now we have native advertising, paid blogs. We have promoted posts on all of the social media platforms. The fat cats with all the money keep ruining everything!

With each new technology and platform, we’re convinced that marketing will forever change. It some ways it does, but mostly it stays true to what it really is.

What is Marketing?

According to the American Marketing Association, marketing is…

The activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients,

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Council Post: Marketing Does Not Work: The Truth

SVP Digital Strategy, Digital Niche Agency (DNA), testing, optimizing, and scaling data-driven campaigns for growth-oriented companies.

Tell everyone you know that it is true — marketing does not work.

It was John Wanamaker (1838-1922), the department-store magnate, who once said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

The preconceived notion that running a marketing campaign will produce a positive response from a target audience is false, by definition. To begin, if you consider that the average click-through rate of a digital advertisement (a consistent delivery method) is 1%, and a successful conversion rate is about 2%, in many circumstances, the majority of any demographic does not perform.

This 0.02% effectiveness level, or 1-in-5,000-person closing rate, would be looked at as virtually nonexistent in any other conversation. Think about it: Would you buy anything or employ anyone that only

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Gen Z marketing, deal with Travis Scott giving McDonald’s big boost :: WRAL.com

After a recent change in it’s marketing strategy, fast food giant McDonald’s saw a huge boost from the youngest generation of consumers.

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Is London suburb Mill Hill a British version of Hong Kong’s affluent Kowloon Tong neighbourhood? We put marketing claims to the test

a close up of a street in front of a house with Shakespeare's Birthplace in the background: Mock Tudor houses along Devonshire Road in Mill Hill, in the London borough of Barnet, which has been compared to Hong Kong’s wealthy Kowloon Tong district. Photo: Delle Chan

Mock Tudor houses along Devonshire Road in Mill Hill, in the London borough of Barnet, which has been compared to Hong Kong’s wealthy Kowloon Tong district. Photo: Delle Chan

It was perhaps inevitable that as soon as the British government suggested throwing open its doors to Hong Kong’s BN(O) passport holders, real estate agents across the country would begin clamouring to capitalise on the potential housing boom.

One marketing scheme in particular is trying to tempt Hong Kong migrants with a “taste of home”, declaring that Mill Hill, a suburb in the London borough of Barnet, is “London’s own unique take on Kowloon Tong”, referring to the affluent neighbourhood on Hong Kong’s Kowloon side.

This claim by Poly UK, a branch of China-based real estate firm Poly Developments – whose upcoming Plaza Collection complex is situated in Mill Hill – is somewhat surprising given that the low-key suburb, while fairly

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