The Best Branding Practices for Your Tech Company

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What is Branding?
Branding is a marketing practice that refers to creating a unique identity that represents your business or firm. Branding must be easily recognisable and noticeable. When you have an efficient branding strategy, it helps you shape your brand and create an identity that represents it. Getting the hang of branding takes years of schooling for some people, but here we try to simplify the basics of branding for you so you can start creating strategies for branding your tech company. As you read, you will understand what the best branding practices are and the various available branding tools.

Why is Branding Essential?
Branding is what ensures that people see and recognise your brand. When your clients desire to buy a service or a product, it is your branding that they will notice first. Branding your brand must go hand in hand with advertising your brand.

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Adam Ferrier: Branding Was Never Meant To Be Personal

Adam Ferrier is founder of Thinkerbell and unstoppable force in the Australian advertising landscape. Thinkerbell recently partnered with RMIT Online to launch a Brand Experience course. In this guest post, Ferrier warns that in their race to convert customers, many brands are sacrificing brand building and that can ultimately damage their longterm success…

Marketing was, is and always will be a mass market game. In fact, the very point of marketing is to ensure as many people as possible both buy and buy into your brand. We look for brands that have a strong, clearly articulated promise, and the brand gets stronger the more it consistently delivers on whatever it is that it is promising. From McDonalds, to Google, to Nike, and IKEA – these are all strong brands with a promise they keep.

The idea of building a brand was never meant to be personal

A brand must stand

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Brand Differentiation Is Limitless | Branding Strategy Insider

Branding Strategy Insider helps marketing oriented leaders and professionals like you build strong brands. BSI readers know, we regularly answer questions from marketers everywhere. Today we hear from Kari, a brand marketer in Toronto, Canada who asks this about brand differentiation.

“Have you ever encountered a product in which meaningful branding is not possible? For example, plastic buttons. Their cost and perceived value is so minimal that building any level of consumer loyalty is out of the question. Can a product like this even be branded?”

Kari, thanks for asking. At The Blake Project, our strongly held opinion is that anything can be branded. Think about vodka, a relatively colorless, odorless liquid. We imagine that people who were never exposed to vodka brands might think that vodka could not be branded, but we all know that there are numerous brands of vodka, some of which command quite a price premium.

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More arrests made in R56m police car branding ‘scam’

Three more people have been arrested in connection with an alleged R56 million police vehicle branding scam.

On Friday, the Special National Anti-Corruption Task Team assigned to the Investigating Directorate of the National Prosecuting Authority arrested a colonel, an administrative employee within the police’s supply chain management division and a civilian.

They face a range of charges including fraud, corruption and money laundering, said Hawks spokesperson Colonel Athlenda Mathe.

In August, 15 people were arrested in connection with the police vehicle branding scam. Nine of them are former or serving police officers and the remaining six are suppliers or associated suppliers. Another 15 accused, including a retired police general and senior and junior officers, were arrested in June.

A further five people handed themselves over at the beginning of the month, including four police captains and a civilian.

Two of the civilians, arrested in June and who had been released

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More arrests made in R56m police car branding case

The latest arrests bring the total number of people arrested in the multimillion-rand vehicle branding and marking case to 41.

THREE more people have been arrested and two others have been rearrested for perjury in connection with the R56 million SAPS vehicle branding case, the police said on Sunday.

“A joint operational plan to address corruption within the ranks of the South African Police Service (SAPS) continues to yield positive results as three more persons of interest were arrested in the R56 million tender fraud case,” police spokesperson Colonel Athlenda Mathe said in a statement.

The latest arrests bring the total number of people arrested in the multimillion-rand vehicle branding and marking case to 41.

On Friday, the special national anti-corruption task team assigned to the investigating directorate of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) arrested three more people and rearrested two others for perjury.

Friday’s arrests included a colonel, an

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The racist origins of the Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima branding

Since 1946, Uncle Ben’s products featured a picture of an elderly African-American man

Uncle Ben’s is the brand name of a partially-boiled rice product which was first introduced in America in 1943.

The brand, based in Houston, Texas, was introduced by Converted Rice Inc., which was later bought by Mars, Inc.

The produce became popular in Britain through the British Armed Forces during the Second World War.

Since 1946, Uncle Ben’s products, including its much-loved microwave rice packets, have featured a picture of a well-dressed elderly African-American man – said to be based on a famous head waiter at a Chicago hotel.

Meanwhile, Mars Inc, the company who own the brand, say the name Uncle Ben refers to an African-American rice-grower, famous for the quality of his rice.

The name was chosen by Gordon L. Harwell, an entrepreneur who had supplied rice to the armed forces in the Second World

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Coventry MP signs letter branding home secretary’s comments about travellers as ‘hate speech’

A Coventry MP has signed a letter demanding Home Secretary Priti Patel apologise for comments which have been branded ‘hate speech’.

During an online event with the Board of Deputies of British Jews Ms Patel was reported to say that “criminality” among Traveller communities on unauthorised camps is causing concern for the government.

In response to a question during the meeting about Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities, Ms Patel said: “The Home Office’s work in this particular area actually refers to some of the criminality that takes place, and that has happened through traveller communities and unauthorised encampments.

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The emails come out twice a day, at lunchtime and in the evening, with the latest news, what’s on and sport from across Coventry and

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Ignore the branding revolution at your peril, FE sector

We have arrived at the ‘third revolution’ for FE marketing – but colleges will have to make some serious changes, says Lee Parker

With government taking a detailed look at the role and function of FE and with the Covid crisis reshaping our world in every conceivable way, the time is ripe for colleges to rise to the challenge and to recognise that it’s more important than ever to power up their brands.

We are the “good guys” and we have to let our communities know that. With the arrival of T Levels and Institutes of Technology, colleges can occupy a different place in the technical skills market.

Viva la brand revolution!

Over 15 years in FE marketing I’ve seen two fundamental revolutions. First was the emergence of social media from 2008.

From the days of “but should we have a Facebook page – people can comment and others can

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The 76ers display their leadership diversity and focus on branding by naming women atop marketing and revenue

Brittanie Boyd, a Texan through and through, isn’t bashful about her plans.

Katie O'Reilly, formerly the 76ers' Chief Marketing Officer, is now Chief Revenue Officer.

© CHARLES FOX/The Philadelphia Inquirer/TNS
Katie O’Reilly, formerly the 76ers’ Chief Marketing Officer, is now Chief Revenue Officer.

“It’s no secret that I aspire to be a team president one day,” said Boyd, 32, the 76ers’ new Senior Vice President of Marketing. “Sales and marketing are the true key pillars in any business.”

Of course, the key pillars of sports businesses have more to do with acquiring talent and winning games. However, more than any team in professional sports, the Sixers and their parent company, Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment, have prioritized branding their teams and enhancing their game-day experience.

When it comes to putting women in charge, the Sixers are way ahead of the gameBoyd saw from her six-year perch as the New Jersey Devils’ and the Prudential Center’s corporate partnerships that, even in the dreariest days

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United anger staff by branding some ‘non-relevant’

a close up of a light pole on a city street: MailOnline logo

© Provided by Daily Mail
MailOnline logo

Manchester United have upset staff at their Carrington training complex by erecting signs in the car park branding some of them ‘non-relevant’. 

The signs have been put up to separate the allocation of parking spaces between players and coaches, and other staff. 

Many ‘non-relevant’ staff are charged with looking after players or have crucial operational roles at the training ground, but have made to feel undervalued by the club.

a close up of a busy city street: Man United have made staff at Carrington training complex to feel undervalued by the club

© Provided by Daily Mail
Man United have made staff at Carrington training complex to feel undervalued by the club


Two test in a day for the elite 

Tottenham’s players and staff took two Covid-19 tests on the same day this week as UEFA are insisting all participants in their competitions take part in their own screening programme, as well as that mandated by the Premier League. 

UEFA are using a different diagnostic company

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