MRP Prelytix Named “Best Overall Account-Based Marketing Solution” For Second Consecutive Year

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MRP Prelytix, the only enterprise-class predictive ABM platform, today announced its selection as the “Best Overall Account-Based Marketing Solution” for the second year in a row. Leading market intelligence organization, MarTech Breakthrough, evaluates technology solutions worldwide, searching for leading companies, technologies, and products in the marketing, sales, and advertising technology industries.

MRP Prelytix empowers client sales and marketing teams to break apart the typical siloed approach to ABM and simplify their operating environment’s complexity. Using real-time predictive analytics and target account insights, sales and marketing professionals can direct, coordinate, and execute high performing ABM programs across eight channels. The platform removes the complexities of coordinating sales and marketing actions across platforms by using advanced machine learning technology to recommend and continuously optimize sales and marketing actions, and then trigger and control those messages across channels, platforms, and funnel stages. Powered by Kx, a market-leading streaming analytics platform

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Delaware Non-Profit Trying To Go Big For New Indoor Facility

* A graphic showing indoor facilities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic — Note: Virginia Beach’s new center opens in 2020; Lehigh and PG Sports Complex are flat tracks. 

By Cory Mull

– – – 

Chuck Klous was making a pre-road trip stop at Brew Haha Coffee in 2018 when he met local community organizer Greg Wilson and a big idea began to form that could single-handedly pump life back into the track and field community in Delaware. 

At first, though, there was some light smack talk about football. 

“He had an LSU shirt on and I’m an Alabama fan,” Wilson said, “so I started talking.” 

When the conversation turned to track and field, Klous, the father of four children — and four track and field athletes — explained to Wilson that he was headed to Prince George’s County in Maryland for the indoor state championships because Delaware did not have

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Editorial: Sony marketing failures have caused PS3 downfall

Despite a record breaking launch, PlayStation 3 sales have since failed to accelerate to expected levels and the Japanese console has been left trailing both the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360 by a considerable margin. Much fuss has been made about the price point of the PS3 and the dire need for a reduction, and although it is the most expensive option in the home console market it is by no means overpriced. Marketing for the £300 console has been few and far between here in the UK, where Sony has relied heavily upon brand loyalty to drive sales. This is the area where Sony has faltered, and they must acknowledge this fact before it is too late.

Going back to basics

The collective agreement amongst video game enthusiasts is that Sony is out of touch with the market. Sales numbers have been on a downward spiral for some

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We asked 13 founders who raised nearly $200 million during COVID-19 for their tips on wooing investors in a crisis

Remote fundraising has become common for startups as the coronavirus pandemic continues to restrict the ability to travel and take meetings in person.

Usually, founders and executives pitch prospective investors for funding at swanky city offices before an investment committee makes a decision. Subsequently, there is a lengthy due diligence process, technical and market questions, analysis of finances, plus time spent on meetings, dinners, and walks for investors to better understand founders and CEOs ahead of any completed deal. 

Since March funding rounds in North America, Europe, and Israel have been conducted entirely over video calls, changing the dynamic between founders and investors.

One such funding round was a recent $17 million raise by Israeli tech startup Ermetic, led by CEO and cofounder Shai Morag. The fundraise took place entirely over Zoom with lead investor Accel.

Accel would conventionally spend a few days in Israel to meet the founding team … Read More

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Non Profit Save the Closet worked multiple hurricanes this year |

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Save The Closet, a local non-profit created after Hurricane Michael’s devastating effects on the Panhandle, has been busy working with families impacted by more landfalling hurricanes this year.

Save The Closet Treasurer, Amanda Godsey, said the charity was founded by Katy Pinson.

“She started Save the Closet after Hurricane Michael because she saw the need for people to have donations with dignity instead of just being donated bags of clothes that may or not fit,” she said.

Godsey said the non-profit’s goal is to provide a comforting experience for disaster victims, a place where families can browse already organized by size clothes, in good condition, as if they were at a retail store.

This year they have had their work cut out for them. The season has been incredibly active with forming hurricanes; two storms, Hurricane Laura and Sally, making landfall along the Gulf Coast.

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racing is still an effective marketing tool

Maserati launched its new MC20 supercar with a fanfare rarely seen in the car industry these days.

The Italian firm assembled a huge temporary stage at the Mugello Circuit in Modena, a fleet of cars and grandstands full (relatively speaking, of course) of dignitaries, customers and the media. As the ushers tried to move us away from the canapés and into seats, a video played on loop on a big screen, showing Maserati’s racing heritage.

Predictably, there was plenty of 1950s Formula 1 action, featuring Juan Manuel Fangio and Sir Stirling Moss, but there was also extensive footage of the Maserati MC12 utterly dominating the FIA GT Championship in the 2000s. By the time that the video had played for the final time, onlookers might have been convinced that the MC12 was a pivotal machine in racing history.

The truth is somewhat different. The MC12 did indeed utterly dominate, notching

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Tips for a financial self care routine

Money is a major cause of stress. You might be worried about not having enough money, not managing it well, not saving enough, or losing it in bad investments. It might seem that you’re always thinking and worrying about money. This is why you need a financial self-care routine.

When we think about self-care, most of us thing about getting adequate sleep, eating a healthy diet, exercising, relaxing and building healthy relationships. But one aspect of self-care is often overlooked: financial self-care.

When you neglect your physical, emotional and mental health, your stress levels are likely to skyrocket. Your immune system weakens, you have trouble sleeping, your mood tanks, and your relationships begin to fray.

All these can snowball into larger problems and even life-threatening health conditions.

It’s no different when it comes to neglecting financial self-care. Not having a regular financial self-care routine can lead to overspending, failed investments,

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Wake Forest woman starts non-profit seeking to help dogs with special needs

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WNCN) — A new non-profit aims to rescue dogs with medical and special needs who otherwise might be euthanized, and find them permanent homes.

“I’ve been fostering and rescuing special needs for about seven years now and I wanted to open my own rescue that specialized in that,” said Nicole Kincaid, a longtime rescue dog owner who recently founded Perfectly Imperfect Pups.

“We feel all dogs should be given a chance,” she added.

The new group, called Perfectly Imperfect Pups, takes in dogs who need extra care and attention, and connects them with foster families.

“We take everything from deaf, blind, ones that don’t have use of all of their limbs, ones that need to lose a limb, which I lovingly call a Tripod,” said Kincaid.

“These are the dogs at the shelters, especially the shelters, they don’t have the capacity to be able to take care

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RBG’s Impact on Marketing; Black Is the Future: Wednesday’s First Things First

Welcome to First Things First, Adweek’s daily resource for marketers. We’ll be publishing the content to First Things First on each morning (like this post), but if you prefer that it come straight to your inbox, you can sign up for the email here.

How Ruth Bader Ginsburg Inspired Marketing’s Changemakers

Many people were hit hard by the recent passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose lengthy career included landmark decisions impacting women’s rights. Rebecca Batterman, who is not only a marketer but also a law student seeking an advanced law degree in intellectual property, penned a voice piece examining the ways that Ginsburg’s lifetime in law inspired today’s marketing leaders. For example, when she began her career, women were limited to secretarial roles in the marketing industry, and her work empowered women and men to balance the numbers of women in leadership.

Lessons from the master:

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Afghan negotiation deadlock better than bloody battlefield stalemate: Imran Khan

We have arrived at a rare moment of hope for Afghanistan
and for our region, says Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He wrote an opinion piece for the Washington Times published on September 26.

“With the exception of the resilient Afghans themselves, no
people have paid a higher price for the conflict in Afghanistan than the people
of Pakistan. Through decades of conflict, Pakistan has dealt with the
responsibility of taking care of more than four million Afghan refugees. Guns
and drugs have also flowed into our country. The wars have disrupted our
economic trajectory and radicalized fringes of our own society. The Pakistan I
had known growing up in the 1960s and 1970s changed in some deeply unsettling

He said the experience taught Pakistan two important
lessons: we are too closely intertwined with Afghanistan not to cast a shadow
on Pakistan, and peace and political stability in Afghanistan cannot

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